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The Great R Design Bake Off

With a competitive spark in R agency, we’ve been known to take part in some rather obscure challenges over the years, from moustache-growing charity cheer to the overly energetic ‘R Olympics’.  This time we ditched the excess facial hair and space hoppers for mixers and whisks, in a slightly more gluttonous form of competition; baking. 

Inspired by the trials, tribulations, dramas and victories of the popular TV series, we saw it appropriate to embark on our own sugar-fuelled marathon: ‘The Great R Design Bake Off’. In an all-inclusive 14-week test, participants were encouraged to blow their fellow competitor’s minds using only the power of cake.  Taking into consideration the usual judging criteria (taste, appearance, technique…), candidates were ultimately challenged to create, share and inspire others with their very own showstopper. 

Each week, candidates braved the tribulations of London’s transport systems to ensure their masterpieces made it to HQ in one piece.  We ate our way through brownie towers, tiered sponges, savoury twists and fruity tarts – sugary works of art that would make Berry and Hollywood proud! 

Yet despite the glistening success across the board, the high-pressured world of baking can only produce one winner.  So as the last treats come out of the oven to cool, we’d like to share with you what has been a rather successful and delicious 14 weeks (Keep drooling through these mouth-watering pictures to find who was crowned Bake Off Champion!).

Please feel free to contact us on twitter or facebook for individual recipes. 

(Above) Emily: Victoria Sponge Chris: Chris’ Chocolate Jiffy. 

Gemma: Vegan Carrot Cake with Date & Avocado Frosting David: Pink Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Icing. 

Alex: Lemon Drizzle Cake Bob: Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake.

Arnita: Latvian Apple & Cinnamon Pie Alison: Lemon and Blueberry Cake. 

Lisa: The Leaning Tower of Lisa (Chocolate Brownies) Lucy: Courgette and Lime Cake. 

Becki: Cheesy Marmite/Pesto Twirls Dave: Raspberry Patisserie. 

Richard: Studená Torta (Slovak cold torte) Scott: Coconut Tart. 

Bake Off Champion - Lucy McKay