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R Summer Party!

At the risk of embarrassing several members of the team, I thought I would share with you some highlights from the recent summer party. 

We do enjoy a good night out at R Design and this summer’s studio outing did not disappoint. The company took a trip to the London Eye followed by a meal, cocktails and a highly competitive ping pong tournament at Bounce in Holborn.

It was my first time on the Eye and luckily the weather cleared up just in time for us to get some good views across the capital. As we made our ascent the sun slowly began to sink behind the Houses of Parliament. 

Amidst the claims of, ’I think I can see my house from up here’, and less appreciated comments such as, ‘what does this button do?’, we posed for photos and exchanged mindless trivia on London’s famous landmarks. Did you know that the biggest clock face in London is in fact the one on the Shell Mex House on the Strand, NOT Big Ben!? We know you love your clock trivia as much as we do…

We left the South Bank and headed North to Holborn and our second destination, Bounce. I’d heard really good things about this place from friends; good food, plenty of beer & ping-pong - a fine recipe for a Friday night.

Crossing the vast underground chasm that is Bounce is very much like wandering into no-mans land in the middle of a paintball fight…without a gun. Ping-pong balls whizz though the air at great speed and in all directions, landing in drinks, plates of food and generally causing complete havoc… it’s always been a good spectator sport. The staff try to diffuse the chaos by scooping up the misplaced shots into little butterfly nets, to then reload each table. I’ll be honest, most had a look of weary resignation on their face. 

After dusting off the ping-pong balls, we sat down at our table and tucked into some tasty sharing platters. I’ll admit, it’s hard to concentrate on food when there’s so much fun going on. I’d compare the experience to when you’re a kid and want to play outside in the garden with your friends but Mum wants you to stay in and finish your veggies! 

When we finally hit the ping pong table it was two designers, Mike (The Wind) Willows and Lisa (The Viking) Napier (above), that came through to scoop the much coveted mixed doubles title. Their opponents, R Design’s founder and chief (Dave ‘Blue Moon’ Richmond) and new recruit (Alison ‘Phantom Snoozer’ Cobb). ‘There is always controversy in these tense encounters and accusations of ‘ball tampering’, from the cocktail-fuelled spectators, became a constant distraction to these four giants of the ping-pong arena. Despite the best efforts to derail their concentration, both by spectators and rogue ping-pong balls, The Viking & The Wind managed to hold their nerve at match point to seal a famous victory. 

There’s little more to add other than to say a begrudging congratulations to our two winners and a big thanks to the company for putting on a great evening!