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‘Checkout’ Tesco

Last week several members of the team went to look around the newly revamped Tesco store just north of the Capital. And yes, I know this sounds like a fairly ordinary, run of the mill activity and not one that would usually merit its own blog post, however, we were so taken aback by what we saw, we thought it’s worth sharing…

This month’s grand reopening has received its fair share of media coverage as the retailer trials a number of new ideas and concepts. At 80,000 sq feet this leviathan of a store is the first site to include the recently acquired Giraffe restaurant chain and has a rather nice Harris & Hoole café too!

The difference in presentation is considerable; you wouldn’t know that you’re in a Tesco. When browsing through the breads you do feel as though you’re in a country bakery with long wooden tables of beautifully presented produce alongside little, hand written, chalkboard signs. 

The vegetables glisten with a hazy mist that keeps them cool and looking fresh. In the household section, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were shopping in a department store and the addition of F&F clothing adds another dimension to this impressive shopping experience.

Another great addition is the deployment of ‘Here to help’ staff, each proudly holding their lollipop signs aloft with a welcoming grin. Could this mark the end of stalking shelf packers, waiting for them to be free to deal with the ‘where can I find’ questions?!

Even the light fittings seem to have been carefully chosen to offer a quirky charm to particular areas of the store. Tesco have effectively split the store into little bite-size stalls, giving the impression of wandering through a bustling market.

What’s more, we feel our work for Tesco looks fantastic in these new surroundings. Personality packed pieces of work such as Mr Nicecream really lend themselves well to this new layout as do the recent redesigns we did for their first aid range.

In addition to the Tesco packaging we also came across work we’ve done for other brands that looks fantastic in its new home!